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Trusted by those who put safety first

"After reviewing over 5 different software packages, SafetyTek was the obvious choice. We had it up and running in just weeks, for a staff of over 50 workers."

Trusted by those who put safety first

"Great tool and great support! I highly recommend this tool to anyone who has a safety program and is still using paper."

Trusted by those who put safety first

"The Workers Compensation claim costs since implementing SafetyTek have dropped by 85%."

Trusted by those who put safety first

"We have easily doubled our worker participation rate in the Safety Program since starting with SafetyTek."

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Toolbox talks are one of the best ways to educate your workforce. Check out our ultimate guide for tips on conducting them and a calendar of toolbox talk ideas for everyday of the year.

WHITEPAPER: Steps to Creating a Strong Safety Culture

In this whitepaper we start with how to measure the strength of your safety culture, and then take you through the 8 critical steps you can take today to ensure a safety culture of excellence.


WEBINAR: How to Measure and Track Key Safety Metrics

Learn about the 8 key safety metrics you should track every month, and how to easily collect data and report on your safety performance with the SafetyTek platform.