Access Safety Data Faster Than Ever! SafetyTek Releases Version 3.1 Platform Update

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan—March 9, 2019—SafetyTek Software, a Canadian firm transforming workplace safety processes, based in Saskatoon and San Francisco, updated its workplace safety engagement platform technology.

With this update users can access smart safety documents in seconds. When a worker shows up to site and they open the app, the required safety forms are presented to them for the specific site they happen to be present at. This takes away any ambiguity as to what documents are needed for any given site or project.

This update increases the reporting capabilities as well. Our safety supervisor dashboard allows project managers, safety supers, and safety management to access real-time data trends that no other platform is able to offer. Version 3.1 of the platform delivers an entire picture of years worth of current and historical safety patterns in under a second. Managers are able to pull up reports for specific contractors, projects, or individual workers in order to understand how safety is being performed throughout the entire organization.

The dashboard could be considered the "digital file cabinet" as this is what it replaces. Every single document that has ever been submitted within the system is available from this single dashboard, in real-time. When safety professionals start viewing safety behaviour in real-time it arms them with all the information that they need to make smart decisions around safety initiative. Rather than focusing efforts on historical data trends and lagging indicators, safety managers are able to view up to date information and trends.

SafetyTek is changing this with its platform technology to implement and manage safety. The platform replaces all processes that exist within the paperwork and bridges the gap between the field and the office, on through to executive reporting. SafetyTek delivers accountable real-time safety performance. 

About SafetyTek Software
SafetyTek Software is the world’s first comprehensive safety management software platform that delivers accountable real-time safety performance by collecting field level data from the workers on site in the form of hazard assessments, toolbox talks, fall protection plans, etc, and feeding that data directly to dashboards for tracking. Then the platform can produce the reports necessary for company leaders to make data backed decisions on safety. Once fully implemented SafetyTek has measured an 85% decrease in incidents occurring at the workplace after a single year of use. 

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