Action Items

Potentially unsafe conditions occur all the time. Now you need to manage them. With SafetyTek's Action Items you can define who is in charge of correcting the condition, following up on if it has been completed, and get alerted on the status of that action item.

Closing the loop on action items is a key component to ensuring a safe workplace. Too many open action items are the main leading indicator that an incident may occur very soon.

With the SafetyTek Action Item, you can designate an action to a specific person in charge of ensuring that action has been completed in its entirety, further details can be defined such as linking to a form for reference, and what is the relevant site. SafetyTek users can also upload supporting documentation into the action item for reference.

Option 1. Within a form: Along the top of each form are static options to choose from for that form. Click the Action Item icon to pull up the Action Item window. Assigned someone to this action so they are responsible for it, select a user from the drop-down that will auto-populate with your users. Enter a description of what the action is. Enter what the corrective action is. Then select from the "Due Date" the date this action must be completed by. Lastly, create and name a custom folder for this by clicking on "Select Folder". This will open up a screen to create a folder. Click the "down arrow" on Root to create a custom folder. Name it and hit Save. This will generate a custom folder for you, simply click "Select" to select that folder for your action item to go to upon submission."

**If you add an Action Item from a form, that form will be attached to the Action Item and can be viewed from within the Action

Option 2. Action Item tab: "My Actions" displays all of the actions you have assigned to others. "Related to Me" are actions you have been assigned to complete by someone else. To view any of these options, simply click the option. Clicking on an Action Item you will see all the information related to the action along the top (Site, Crew and User). "Completion Notes" need to be filled out to describe what has been done to correct this action. Click "Add" to add your notes and make sure to "Save" your notes. Hit the upload button to attach any documents or images to reinforce your completed action.

To complete this action, click the top right corner "opened" button. If it was an action assigned to you by someone it will say "pending" until the person who assigned it to you clicks that button to complete the Action. It will display complete with the date of completion.

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