Announcing the Launch of our New Website!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! After several months in the making, I’m happy to finally share it with you all.

Our main goal in launching this new website is to provide a more user-friendly experience and  easy access to key information that showcase how we help customers create a safer work environment and optimize daily tasks by digitally transforming safety programs. 

The website features a refreshed new look, as well as a few new features such as:

  • New Resources Library: Here you will find helpful articles, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars and videos covering topics ranging from safety culture to new technologies.
  • Updated Customer Page: We’ve added some great new customer testimonial videos that highlight how companies are using SafetyTek to enhance safety in their workplaces.
  • Toolbox Talks Calendar: Finding topics to cover at your next toolbox talk or safety meeting can be a challenge. We now have a calendar of topics for you to choose from for every day of the year!      

Feel free to leave a comment below, if you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

 - Hasmin AbdulCader, Head of Marketing, SafetyTek

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