Sep 10, 2020

60 Toolbox Talk Topics perfect for Autumn

With the summer month past and fall coming workers can become complacent and begin to let safety slip as the risks caused by extreme heat decrease. To help you keep safety in the minds of your workers we’ve compiled a list of 60 health and safety topics you can talk with your workers about.

Daily health and safety toolbox talks can help increase knowledge of the various hazards your team will be facing. 

By incorporating the different safety subjects, one at a time, little and frequently, you can soon boost health and safety awareness amongst your team. When people know about the risks and control them, they can work safer. Here are 60 safety topics you can discuss throughout the fall. 

  1.     Accidents that Almost Happened
  2.     Arsenic
  3.     Avoid Shortcuts
  4.     Band Saw Safety
  5.     Basic Hygiene
  6.     Battery Safety
  7.     Being Alert at all Times
  8.     Burns
  9.     Check-in Procedures
  10. Chemical Burns
  11. Crane Safety
  12. Creating a Healthy Workplace
  13. Creating a Positive Environment
  14. Cyber Safety
  15. Demolition work
  16. Dump Truck Safety
  17. Dust masks
  18. Electrical Emergencies
  19. Electricity and Breaker Panels
  20. Excavator Safety
  21. Face protection
  22. Falling Protection
  23. Gas Safety
  24. Good Safety Communication
  25. Hazard Communication
  26. Heavy Rain Safety
  27. Hurricane Safety
  28. Importance of Attention
  29. Long Work Hours
  30. Minor Scrapes
  31. Overhead Load Safety
  32. Outdoor Working
  33. Permits to Work
  34. Portable Abrasive Wheels
  35. Portable Electric Tools
  36. Positive Work Culture
  37. Power Take-Off Safety
  38. Preventing Dermatitis
  39. Protecting Your Back
  40. Ramps
  41. Responding to Electrical Emergency
  42. Rigging
  43. Rocky Terrain Safety
  44. Runways
  45. Safety and Teamwork
  46. Safety Protocol
  47. Safety When Working Alone
  48. Screwdriver safety
  49. Sinkhole Safety
  50. Situational Awareness
  51. Step Ladder Safety
  52. Storm Preparation
  53. Stretches
  54. The Hazards of Reversed Polarity
  55. Urban Safety
  56. Using Man lifts
  57. Working in Fog
  58. Working on Scaffolds
  59. Working with Chemicals
  60. Work Platform Safety

Need some quick toolbox talks topics we've already built these talks for you