Mar 01, 2021

60 Toolbox Talks Topics Ideal for Spring Time

As the snow melts and the seasons change health and safety can often start to lax as workers are excited to enjoy the warmer weather. To help you keep safety at the forefront of your worker’s minds we’ve compiled 60 health and safety topics you can talk about with your workers.

Daily health and safety toolbox talks can help increase knowledge of the various hazards your team will be facing. 

By incorporating the different safety subjects, one at a time, little and frequently, you can soon boost health and safety awareness amongst your team. When people know about the risks and control them, they can work safer. Here are 60 safety topics you can discuss throughout the spring.

Topics listed A-Z

  1. Accident Prevention
  2. Accident Reporting
  3. Avoiding Near Misses
  4. Back Injuries
  5. Basic Behavior Review
  6. Basic scaffold Safety
  7. Chemical Labels
  8. Circular Saw Safety
  9. Cleanliness
  10. Concrete Mixer Safety
  11. Confined Space
  12. Construction and Rain
  13. Corrosive Chemicals
  14. Dangers of Loose Clothing
  15. Daylight Savings Time Safety
  16. Dehydration
  17. Desert Safety
  18. Distracted Driving
  19. Dumpster Safety
  20. Emergency Exit Routes
  21. Emergency Eyewash
  22. Emergency Preparedness
  23. Fatigue
  24. Fan safety
  25. Fire Extinguisher Protocol
  26. Flood Safety
  27. Floor Openings
  28. Forklift Safety
  29. Gas Salamander Heaters
  30. Guardrails
  31. Hand-held jigsaws
  32. Handling Chemicals
  33. Handling Combustible Materials
  34. Handling gas cylinders
  35. Hand tool safety
  36. Hazard control for lasers
  37. Heavy Equipment
  38. High Visibility Clothing
  39. Hot Work Permit
  40. How to Layer Clothing
  41. How to move equipment
  42. Hydrogen Sulfide
  43. Mental Health Injuries
  44. Overexertion
  45. Power Jack Safety
  46. Power Line Contacts
  47. Power Tool Safety
  48. Proper Work Shifts
  49. Recent Near Misses
  50. Serious injuries
  51. Slips and falls
  52. The Effects of Anger
  53. Thunderstorm Safety
  54. Tornado Warning Safety
  55. Utility Knife Safety
  56. Watching Your Surroundings
  57. Welfare facilities
  58. Wood Dust
  59. Working in Wind
  60. Zero harm

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