Sep 24, 2021

Simple incident reporting with SafetyTek

When an incident occurs

You have a legal obligation to report any injury or illness, death, or dangerous incident in your workplace.

A dangerous incident causes direct serious risks to someone's health or safety or exposure to a dangerous substance like asbestos, which is likely to be a risk to someone's health or safety in the future.

With the SafetySuite, users can load the SafetyTek app and enter an incident report form. They can take pictures and describe first hand what has happened.

Receiving the incident report

From there, managers receive notifications that an incident has occurred and can start a new case number for the investigation. 

Once the case number is created, managers or the safety department can collect further information about the events by requesting witness statements and interviewing nearby workers. Review the morning's hazard assessment to see if the cause of the incident was identified or missed. 

Once all necessary information has been collected, begin to plan action items to prevent something similar from happening in the future. 

The SafetySuite includes all feature functionality to make incident reporting and quick and simple as it needs to be because while there is an incident, the administrative burden is the last thing you need on your plate.