Press Release: “Behind the Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne Examines the Move to Data-Driven Workplace Safety with Experts at SafetyTek Software

The segment of “Behind the Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne details how HR and safety managers can use data and behavioral insights to collaborate with employees in protecting their health and safety 

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – December 10, 2020 – In North America alone, work stoppages due to onsite injuries account for hundreds of billions of dollars in business costs every year. Meanwhile, rapidly rising COVID-19 infections are driving business closures across the continent. Yet, too often human resources (HR) and safety managers still rely on manual processes that make it nearly impossible to proactively protect workers. SafetyTek Software examines these challenges and the need for data-driven safety practices in a new segment of “Behind the Scenes” with Laurence Fishburne. 

 The episode on workplace safety is part of the award-winning educational television series, which highlights the evolution of education, medicine, science, technology and industry through inspiring stories. It looks at how data and automation are helping safety and HR managers to move from playing catch-up with safety regulations and reporting to proactively implementing programs for preventing injuries and health risks, such as exposure to COVID-19. Additionally, the segment examines how companies are fostering safety collaboration between workers and management through stronger accountability, communications and knowledge-sharing. The segment is being broadcast by some 200-plus public television stations across the United States.

 “Safety needs data,” said SafetyTek Software Co-founder and CEO Ryan Quiring, who appeared in the segment. “Once managers can analyze data, they get behavioral insights into which workers are following safety best practices and which ones aren’t. From there, they can identify their safety champions, as well as ID the gaps in best practices they need to close. We’ve seen businesses cut their incident rates by up to 85%—and add six figures back to their bottom line—when safety habits become ingrained in employees’ behavior.”

 “Access is equally critical in uniting managers and workers on safety,” said SafetyTek Software Co-founder and CXO Craig Fraser, who was also featured in the episode. “When businesses leverage mobile technology to push information to workers, it enables them to automate safety practices and makes them more accountable. Perhaps the most powerful example is when employees use their mobile phones to self-report their potential COVID-19 exposure—before they come to work. Such access and reporting can literally save lives.”

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SafetyTek Software is a leading environment, health and safety (EHS) platform provider. The company was founded in 2014 with a mission of supporting workplace safety by simplifying mandatory processes, enabling positive safety cultures, and reducing the carbon footprint using state-of-the art technology. Today, organizations across North America rely on the data-driven SafetyTek Workplace Safety Engagement Platform to create a safety culture of excellence that keeps the workforce protected and productive at the same time. Using the cloud-based platform, safety, HR and other managers can view the performance and engagement of safety programs throughout any workforce, engage and empower employees, and gain the real-time data insights needed for better decision making. SafetyTek is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. To learn more, visit


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