Bill 30: Reporting Potentially Serious Incidents and How SafetyTek Can Help

We are all aware of the new and improved OHS system coming into effect on June 1, 2018. Among many of the changes included in this bill is an increase in reporting of "potentially serious" incidents. Incidents that had the potential to cause serious injury, but did not. Some people refer to these as near misses.

Traditionally a near miss is seen as nothing to worry about, as nothing actually happened. It was a close call. Field workers are resistant to report near misses as they will now have more paperwork to complete, hold on to and bring back to the office. This takes them away from doing their job. This usually means that these near misses never get completed and recorded. Without this knowledge, it increases the risk of far more dangerous and life-threatening accidents occurring.

With SafetyTek, the workers benefit by being able to fill out and submit near misses from the field in minutes, without stopping production or having to worry about carrying around more paper and delivering it to the office. This keeps them on-site and productive while meeting the new OHS requirements.

This benefits management to act quickly to the near-miss situation, report it to OHS if needed and implement measures to control or eliminate that problem from happening again. Without having SafetyTek, you have to wait for a large stack of paper to be brought in from the field potentially days or weeks later.

Did I mention that we do all of this in real-time? Let SafetyTek help you enforce the new Bill 30 regulations.

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