Bill 30: Stop Work Orders and How a Piece of Paper Can Create Chaos

During my time as a safety officer, I had to deal with stop-work orders. One example stands out to me with regard to this new legislation. I was called to a site that was issued a stop-work order because the crew on that site decided that they were not going to fill out a hazard assessment that day. When OHS asked for this document they were unable to provide it. I was called to the job site, which was 45 minutes away, to find my 7 workers in the job site office. When I questioned my workers about why they didn't fill out the form they have to fill out every day, I was greeted by a chorus of "I don't know". After a 30 minute meeting as to the importance of a hazard assessment, OHS wasn't finished. Since these workers could not complete the most basic of paperwork, they decided to dive deeper. To make a long story short, 3 hours later my workers were able to go back to work. The ramifications of that stop-work order were our project falling behind 3 hours, having my workers being paid to sit and do nothing and the hour and a half I had to spend driving. All for a piece of paper not being completed.

With Bill 30, officers will be able to issue a stop-work order to an employer with multiple worksites. Increasing this exponentially. This one-stop costs us thousands in penalties, salaries and production. With Bill 30 this could be catastrophically larger across multiple work sites.

The SafetyTek system allows for all forms to be submitted in real-time. Our News Feed lets managers see all forms submissions so that you can ensure that their field workers are doing the proper paperwork on time. This eliminates work stoppages, uncovers the true value of safety and helps organizations enforce their safety program efficiently.

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