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SafetyTek 2.0 is now giving you the ability to fully customize every aspect of your Sites. You can assign what forms are needed on that site and what crews are needed on that site. To simplify the system even further, we have created a click-to-add approach that allows you to build Sites even faster. Let's go through how to build our custom Sites.

The first step is to navigate to the Supervisor Access section. The Supervisor Access button is found at the top of the page. Then select Sites from the tabs. This will get you to the Sites page.

If you have not created a Site, you will have to do this first. Here how: click the Green+ button in the top right and name your site.

Once you have a site created, click that Site to access it. Next, click the taskbar "Add Crews and Forms to the Site. This bar will auto-populate all Crews and Forms that have been created. Simply choose your selections for this Site.

To see the Crew details, Click the Crew button and select which Crew you want to view. This will show all of the users that are assigned to this site. You can add workers to this Crew if needed. Slide Activate from OFF to ON to assign this Crew to this Site.

Adding Forms to this Site: The same process as adding Crews, select which forms you want on this Site from the "Add Crews and Forms to the Site" bar and select your form.
Clicking the Form red button will open up and displays all forms chosen. Click a form to access the form of customizability options.

You can pick which options you want for this specific form:

General Options: If it needs Approval. Which Folder this form will go to once submitted.

Alerts: Choose a Type and Assign who will be alerted if this form is not submitted on time.

Submit Options: Do you want to receive an email upon submission? Do you want a PDF attached? Who is going to receive the email and PDF upon submission, select from the dropdown menu?

Lastly, select where this form is placed. Is it a Site based form, Crew based form or User based from? Select if this form will be placed on All Sites, Crews, Users or create a custom list of who sees it.

Site Manager: This is a new level of access that we have incorporated into 2.0. Click the Site Manager and assign a Manager. This level of access allows this person to see their Sites and can add Workers and Forms and Crews but does not allow them to Supervisor Access.

Create a new Site Manager: Click the Create Manager button to add someone to the system as a manager.

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