Collaborative Checklists

Build checklists on your profile and invite other workers to share them while you work. Did you start a job, and now you’ve been called to another one? Share your checklist with someone else and let them take over for you.

Save your default checklists for repetitive tasks to deploy quickly. Know who has completed the task because we document who checked off the box along with the time and date. Once a checklist is completed, it gets archived in PDF format for quick access anytime, any place.

Access your checklists by selecting the checklist icon from the navigation bar. Once you have entered into the checklist area, you will see two sections of checklists. The first section is for any checklists that you have built, and the second section is for checklists that other users have shared with you to complete.

Click on the green (+) symbol to add a new checklist. A screen will appear asking if you would like this checklist to be a new checklist or a copy of a default checklist. Once you have created a checklist, you can save any list as a default to make it easier to replicate it in the future.

For this example, we will create a new checklist. Once we've named our checklist and clicked create, we enter into the checklist builder. You may now add checklist items by clicking on the green (+) icon. New Tasks will show up every time you click on the green (+) icon. Each task must be filled in and saved. Once the task is saved, it becomes a checklist item. After you have saved the tasks, you can also edit them by selecting the red edit button to the left of the task description. You may also continue adding tasks until you are happy with the list contents.

You will notice a collection of icons on the top right corner. These icons are: Make Default, Share, Preview, and Create Task.

The make default will allow you to save this checklist as a default checklist for the next time you need to create a new checklist. Instead of typing in all tasks, you can start with the tasks already added to this checklist.

A share will allow you to add other users or crews to your checklist to help to complete it.

Preview will allow you to see what the checklist will look like when you are completing the tasks. Your checklist will save every time you save a task, and so no further action is required to save the entire checklist. To access the checklist, navigate to the checklist area by clicking on the checklist icon on the navigation bar. Here you will see our recently added checklist. By clicking on it, I will be entered into the checklist. This is where I can complete tasks by clicking on the squares on the right-hand side. From the checklist area, we may also share and edit the checklist. Once a checklist is shared, the shared icon will turn orange. The share checklist interface allows you to search for users or crews by typing in their names or by selecting them from the drop-down list. Once you have selected a user or crew, the name will appear below the search box as confirmation that you have shared that checklist. The users that you share the checklist with will also be notified that they now have access to complete your checklist. To fill out a checklist, enter the checklist from the main checklists page. When you've entered into the checklist, you'll be able to check the boxes for the tasks that you've completed. If you've shared your checklist, you will see if others had completed any tasks already as SafetyTek places a Stamp next to any completed task. This stamp includes who checked off the task and the time and date of completion. When a checklist gets completed, it may be archived for future reference as a PDF document. Archiving happens by selecting the archive icon from the top bar.

Once it's archived, it will be stored as a PDF in the checklist archives area. In the checklist archives area, you will be able to access all completed and archived checklists.

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