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Start Filling Out Forms on SafetyTek

Register for free on SafetyTek to start setting up your forms and filling them out on your device. SafetyTek has been built to work with ANY of your forms that you need to be filled out. Set yourself and members of your team up to fill out these forms and submit them to you! 

To access SafetyTek on your mobile device simply open a browser window like Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android and type in This will bring you to the login page of TOOL 2.0. Here you can save SafetyTek to your device by following these instructions.

When you first log in to the SafetyTek TOOL at, you will be greeted with a dashboard. The dashboard serves as a quick tool to access all of the latest form submissions that have come in from your workforce. Whether it's from projects, sites, crews, fleet vehicles, or users, you will have a bird's eye view of it all. If you are looking for something specific you may search for it using the search bar on top. Your dashboard also allows you to access Actions that are related to you, store your forms that you access the most as a Favourite, and view any notifications that you need to see. To view your forms click on the "Sites" page which appears as a pin drop on the navigation menu. From the sites page, you can access any form that you have built and deployed to your sites. For the purposes of the free version, there will only be a couple of forms deployed on a trial site in which you and a couple of other users will have access.
To fill out a form simply click on the form you wish to fill out and you will be entered into the form submissions page. Filling out a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) on SafetyTek.

The form header information includes:

  • Form Name
  • Site Name
  • Crew Name
  • Local Weather forecast
  • Address/Location of users device

Once you're happy with the information entered on the form it's time for the form to be submitted. Select the green to submit button from the top bar of the form. This will gather all of the submission data, update the news feed, and generate the PDF of the form.

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