Employee Training Matrix

SafetyTek has a better way to manage your employee training. The training matrix is available now from your supervisor dashboard built into our safety management software.

At a glance, you will be able to see GAPs in your companies training requirements. Across the top of the matrix, you will see all training certifications that have been added to your company user profiles. This is populated in two different ways. Supervisors can add in the training certification from within the "User Roles" area, and if a new training certification is added from a user profile, then the certificate will be automatically added to the matrix and the roles table.

Below are details on how you will be able to utilize the training matrix and configure it to meet your companies needs. The below instruction will include:

  • Training Matrix
  • Certificates
  • Users
  • User Roles
  • Sorting
  • GAP Indication
  • User Training Report
  • User Roles
  • Adding a new Role
  • Adding required training certificate
  • Applying a role to a user

The Training matrix can be accessed by clicking on the supervisor access icon on the top of the header bar. Then navigate to the Training Matrix by selecting it from the text beside Dashboard.

If your company has no certificates added to the system, this screen will show up with a message stating "No Roles or Certificates Found." You must then go in and add certificates and roles for your company.

If you have certificates added to your company profile, you will see them listed across the top of the matrix. You will also see all of your users listed along the left side of the matrix. Beside each user is a "Role" column. This is a new configuration element that has been added to SafetyTek. At first, it will show with a N/A as none of your users have been assigned a user role. See below on how to build your user roles and apply the roles to users.

Built within the cells of the training matrix is expiry dates for each user's certificate if they have one. The expiry date will be black if the certificate is valid. If the certificate has expired, then the text will show up in RED. This will make it easy to see expired certificates at a glance.

You may also sort the training matrix by clicking on any column. You may sort by ascending or descending. Any users that don't have the certificate that you are sorting by will be placed at the bottom so you will only see users that require the training as well as expiry dates for the users that have the training.

Considering your roles are defined, you may see red X icons on the matrix, just like the matrix pictured above. This indicates a GAP in training and that this user needs to be trained accordingly.

Beside each user name is a report icon. Click it and you will be able to download a training report summary for that user, or even send that summary to any email address to submit the training report to external parties.

Now that you are familiar with the training matrix let's set up the user roles to start seeing the GAPs in training requirements for your workforce.

Access the Roles/Certificates by navigating to User Management within supervisor access. Then click on Roles/Certificates beside Users.

You will see an indication that No Roles or Certificates are found. In the top right corner, there are two green buttons. The left one is "Add Role" and the right one is "Add Certificate."

To add a Role, click on the "Add Role" icon on the top right corner. A prompt will request the Role name. Once entered, you can click create, and your Roles table will start to be formed.

Now that you have a User Role you may add a Training Requirement by Clicking on Add Certificate. Type in the name of the certificate that is required (I.E. CPR pr First Aid). Then click create.

Your table will now have a single role and a single certificate requirement. To make this certificate apply to the role simply check the box. This will now check for any users that have been assigned this user role to seeing if they have the required training. If they do not have the required training it will place a red X in the cell to indicate they are missing the training.

To finish setting up the training matrix, all you need to do is apply the User Roles to specific User accounts.

This can be done right from the training matrix by clicking on the username of the user. This will navigate you to the Users profile management page. On the Overview screen, you will see Name, Username, E-mail, and Work Role.

Click on the Work Role and select the options that you have set up from within the Roles table. Done. That user will now have a defined work role. Navigate back to the training matrix by selecting the Supervisor access icon on the top of the screen and click on the training matrix.

Do this for each of your users, and your matrix will be set up and ready to use.

Now that your users have user roles defined and your training certificates are all set up for the training matrix you may need to add in certificates for each user.

To do this, you can click on the username on the training matrix to be taken to the User profile management screen. When here, click on Certificates and click Create New.

Here you can input a certificate name, define the expiry date, and upload the file for the certificate. Accepted file formats are jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.

Users can also access this page from within their personal profile page. So they may also add their training certificates as well.

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