Platform Features

Platform Features

Paper may work well in an office environment, but not in the field. Filling in, chasing after, and storing safety paperwork is one of the most frustrating and value-destroying tasks; on top of that, not getting it right poses substantial risks. Having your workforce remove safety paperwork optimizes the safety process. The SafetyTek platform helps you go paperless, engages and empowers your workforce, and gives you real-time data insights for better decision making.

Set Up

Replicate Your Safety Program

Build any form with our builder, or use our form templates. Give access to your users and assign them to crews, managing who works under which site/project. Set form options such as reminders, approval and auto-send emails. Modify permissions to control what each user can see.

Save it on the Cloud

The SafetyTek file system is very powerful. It stores all PDF versions of your filed forms and is capable of storing all of your safety reference documentation. Upload safety manuals, MSDSs, legislation handbooks, or work procedures for specific staff members or all of them.

Include Your Contractors

Not only can your workforce benefit from SafetyTek, your sub/prime contractors can benefit too! Set auto-emails for site submissions, cutting out the admin process of sending forms. Allow sub-contractors to self manage their own crews within your SafetyTek program. Collect their submissions and yours, under one roof.


Submit on the Go

Data can be entered into a form from a mobile device or computer, and is populated in real-time on the form. This data can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world, at any time making collaboration very simple. Users can sign-off on any safety document with a quick scan of a QR Code found in their profile. This enables a much more secure and faster method to account for workers on site.

Work Offline

Users don't need an internet connected device to fill out forms digitally. Submit forms locally and let them sync when you get back on the internet.

Run Live Audits and Assign Corrective Actions

Perform workplace/contractor audits live on phones, tablets, and computers. Upload/Attach photos directly to observations and create notes and action items to recall observation circumstances. With SafetyTek, you can define who is in charge of correcting the condition, follow up on whether or not it has been completed, and get alerted on the status of that action item all in one location.


EHS Programs

Easily meet standards required for OSHA, COR, and ISO by eliminating countless amounts of paper and using SafetyTek to manage complaince. Communicate effectively and increase participation at safety meetings and Toolbox Talks.    

Analyze Data

Collect form submissions from your entire company. Run analysis on anything from specific workers or crews to find out how they have engaged with your safety program. Tracking user activity gives you a visual insight into who needs your help the most.

Track Training

Never lose a training certificate again by allowing workers to carry all of their training certificates in their mobile and tablet devices. Eliminate wasted time by quickly viewing a user group's necessary training requirements.

Get the App

SafetyTek provides mobile access via phones and tablets, available on the App Store and Google Play Stores, along with a mobile web version for all mobile devices.

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