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We have overhauled the 2.0 form builder to allow for much more customizability and ease of use. We did this by allowing you to create your own custom folders to fit your business.

Folders have a download option to take groups of files off of SafetyTek and onto your computer. We can upload files to the file manager and have also included drag and drop functions so that you can move and organize files as you see fit.

We have also included a full search function to the File Manager to quickly access your Folders with a simple search. To get to the File Manager, click the File Manager tab from the Navigation bar. This will show you all of your file folders.

To add a new Folder, click the Green+ button in the top right corner. This will display a drop-down menu for you to enter the Folder name and hit Create.

To upload files to the File Manager, click the Grey button beside the Green+ button. Drag and drop your files or click the Browse button to access your computer to upload files. Click on a File Folder to view the subfolders within until you reach your files. These files will be separated into whichever folders you have created for the forms to go into upon submission. If no custom folder is created, forms will go to a monthly default folder.

Each submitted form is in PDF format, they are titled by the Site, Crew and what the form was. Click the file to view the PDF. Each PDF comes with a cover page with your logo and the information on the form. To download a file or folder, click the box assigned to that file or folder. This will highlight the file or folder Orange, and the options along the top will change when the box is selected.

These new options are to Trash or Download. Click the download to download this file or folder to your computer.

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