How SafetyTek Software Can Put Money Back in Your Companies Wallet

Safety is, sadly, a non-revenue generating entity in most companies. Safety is an expense and costs money to have, without bringing anything in. It's like car insurance; we put out the money year after year. Nothing ever happens, but the money keeps coming out. Then one day, an accident happens, and you are sure happy that you had the insurance for when you needed it. Safety works in a much similar way. We have training, certifications, equipment and safety gear that workers need to be safe. This cost drastically outweighs the cost of having an accident, which I'm sure we all know by now.

What if there were ways to save a large amount of the money spent on a safety program by going digital and paperless with SafetyTek? How you may ask? In several ways.

The first being, with SafetyTek, we can completely eliminate the need for paper, which translates to savings in purchasing paper and ink. What if you have changes to forms that need to be made? Most companies then scrap the paper documents they were using, paying for reprinting costs, shipping and design fees, and making one or two changes. SafetyTek's custom form builder allows you to create as many forms as you like at no cost, and you are able to make changes to any form at any time, completely eliminating the reprinting cost. Which depending on your paper intake, it could be thousands of dollars annually.

Secondly, auditing time. The most dreaded time of the year for most companies. It's a time to lose your mind tracking down every document, meeting with workers and driving all over the place to make sure you have everything you need. With SafetyTek, our digital file system catalogues every single submission and each is stamped with which crew filled it out, what time and date they submitted it. These forms are broken down by month for easy access to any files at any time. So, when the audit comes around, there's no need to panic because you have it all covered already just by using SafetyTek.

Lastly, what is the cost of time? Can you put a number on it? Can you put a number on having to drive to the site because a crew didn't fill out a Hazard Assessment before work, and now you have to drive across the city to rectify this issue? Can you put a price on collecting packets and binders of paper that may be damaged or waiting for your workers to leave the site to drop off documents that are weeks old? Or spending an entire afternoon printing all the documents for the next week and your workers having to leave the site to drop off/ pick up these documents? With SafetyTek, all of our submissions are in real-time, so when a worker using his smartphone or tablet and submits his paperwork, you instantly get that document, and it is stored in our file manager. Our software eliminates workers from ever saying that they have run out of a certain document, don't have it, or they lost it. Our software allows them to always have access to every document they need, including their entire safety manual and MSDS binder that can be stored in our file groups. Supervisors can also see live feeds of which forms have been submitted before going to the site, so first thing in the morning, you can see that, at minimum, your workers have completed their paperwork and that their day is off to a safe start.

With these features and an abundance of others, SafetyTek will drastically save your company huge amounts of time and money in regards to your current safety program, all you have to do is stop pushing paper and start pushing profits with SafetyTek.

Check out our site for more information and pricing and to register for free.

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