Introducing Safety Director as a Service. Safety Software and Consulting Combined!

SafetyTek partners with AEC Safety Solutions to offer safety consulting, utilizing the power of SafetyTek, to provide new safety management solution for construction

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan- May 15, 2019  SafetyTek is excited to announce our partnership with Ontario based AEC Safety Solutions. Combining the power of SafetyTek to capture real-time form submissions data and analytics with AEC Safety Solutions' extensive array of safety consulting services, it was the perfect combination. We can't express how excited we are to be able to assist small, medium or large construction companies in achieving their safety goals and successfully manage their safety program with professional services and state of the art software to track and analyze safety data.

AEC Safety Solutions is very excited to partner up with SafetyTek to enhance our ability to assist our clients with managing their Health and Safety program. AEC Safety Solutions provides its clients with safety training, project inspections and full-service Health and Safety program management. Our partnership with SafetyTek will allow AEC to better manage our client’s documentation from their work locations and monitor data daily without having to travel to the location to gather information. AEC and SafetyTek have formed a seamless system that marries hands-on safety management with electronic documentation and tracking.

About SafetyTek Software

SafetyTek Software is the world’s first comprehensive safety management software platform that delivers accountable real-time safety performance by collecting field-level data from the workers on-site in the form of hazard assessments, toolbox talks, fall protection plans, etc., and feeding that data directly to dashboards for tracking. Then the platform can produce the reports necessary for company leaders to make data-backed decisions on safety. Once fully implemented, SafetyTek has measured an 85% decrease in incidents occurring at the workplace after a single year of use.

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