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What does a safety perception survey do?Safety perception surveys help you understand how safety is perceived in the mind of your workers and management teams which will highlight your overall safety culture. It paints a picture of the mental real estate that safety works within and how it compares to your assumptions.At a basic level, […]

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When Did Saturday Become a Work Day?

I have begun to notice a trend developing with the construction world that is very discouraging. That is, more and more companies are needing/wanting/demanding, that workers work on Saturdays.

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Construction is a tough industry to work in, period. Tough people, tough bosses and long hours with tight schedules to meet. It’s loud, dirty, and dangerous. A lot is expected from these individuals on a daily basis, and rarely are they ever appreciated for it daily.  Why is that?

How to Manage People in Construction

How to Manage People in Construction Leave your ego at the door. Simple.