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SafetyTek Health and Safety Management Software want to make safety processes more efficient. To do this, we have built our software web application to match how most construction companies run their safety programs.

Start with your sites. Big or small, your company always has a site that they are working on, be it for an extended amount of time or not; this is a straightforward way to know exactly what, where, and when you'll need to refer back to a submitted document.  Add emergency information to your site after creating it so your staff can have quick and simple access to it to ensure they always know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

Once sites are built, we can define crews. Crews operate as groups of users on a site. Once a cite is defined, you can build your crews within them. There is no limit to the number of crews you can add to a site, so you can get as creative as you need when implementing our safety management software.  Have a site with multiple trades? Define an electrical crew or two, then you may have some welders, plumbers, etc.  Or maybe you want to name your crews after the foramen running them. Mike's Crew, Joe's crew, and Matts Crew. Any way you would like to organize your site, to make it as efficient as possible, you can do within SafetyTek. Locate your employees from the site and crew management page in supervisor access.

Once a Crew, or multiple Crews, has been defined, you can start adding your workers/employees. This is made available on the crew object with an "Add User" button.  Click add user and type in their user name and email address. A password is generated for them, and an email will be sent to their email address telling them what their username and password is.  This way, the user can log in to the tool and edit their profile details and change their password if they would like. Once a user is applied to a crew you can manage this user's role within the crew, i.e. Worker or Foreman, and edit their training certificates.

Your users will only be able to view and alter the sites and crews that they are applied to, so there is no worries about adding forms to the wrong site or crew when submitting documents.

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