Communicate with your workforce from within SafetyTek. Create new messages and attach files for review or just to warn workers of potential hazards with pictures. Adding a new Message" On the dashboard locate "Messages" and click on the green plus icon to begin creating a new message. Select your "Audience". This can be anything from your entire company, a specific site/crew/user, or select a worker role as defined in your training matrix.

Once your audience is selected you may compose your message. Choose any document or picture to attached to the message as well! If you've updated a safe work practice you can get it out to your workforce in just a couple of clicks. Or send a picture of a potential hazard to a crew to increase awareness.

"Read and Reply to messages " Once a worker has received a message they may reply to that message. So if you're looking for feedback on whether or not a worker has read the attached document they may respond with "Read" so you know! Get notified of new messages with the notify bell on the top of your window within SafetyTek.

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