Need a Reason to Use SafetyTek to GO Paperless?

How about nine reasons?

  1. Access Anywhere, Anytime – Getting and using information within seconds, not days, is the norm if you use SafetyTek. With electronic safety forms and workflow automation tools, you can create and route your forms and data that can reach the right people, right away, without having to track down where your safety forms might be.

  2. Find Information Quickly – It’s estimated that employees spend one-third of their time looking for paper documents. Electronic documents are easier to file and find because they can be indexed using keys like date, document type or other user-defined criteria. You can even use full-text searching, making it simple and quick to find important business documents.

  3. Digital Data Collection and Output – Building your safety forms with our form builder in a web-based form technology to collect and exchange information not only speeds up the process, but improves data quality. Digitally collected data is more reliable and means access to better information, faster turnaround and lower costs because preprinted forms and mailing expenses can be eliminated. In addition, inbound data can be integrated with back-end applications, and forms or documents can be generated from applications automatically, eliminating manual processing.

  4. Speed Up Approvals – Companies utilize electronic signature solutions to speed up approval pro­cesses for external and internal documents. Electronic documents can be signed using a digital signature and sent quickly, reliably and securely. This can speed up form submissions and much more.

  5. Processing – Typically, your safety forms are filled out, stored in a truck, and handed in when convenient; going paperless is a huge boost to productivity and speed. By using SafetyTek software, you can locate filled safety forms from your office, home, or while on vacation.

  6. Meet Custom Form Requirements – All safety forms are not created equal. They are specific to your companies requirements and niche. Therefore we cater to all industries from Oil and Gas to Construction, or Manufacturing, even Mechanical shops!

  7. Regulatory Compliance – These days regulations such as NSC and OHS require companies to take documented measures to maintain data confidentiality and integrity. Paper-based systems make tracking and managing data more difficult and expensive than electronic-based systems. Electronic document management systems can provide an audit trail of when documents are received or sent. Built-in security prevents unauthorized access, maintaining data confidentiality.

  8. Going Green – With global warming and excessive CO2 polluting the environment, the world has begun to see the value in going “green” and reducing our carbon footprint. Going paperless by utilizing electronic document management systems and related technology helps cut down on deforestation and pollution, leaving more trees to do the dirty work of absorbing carbon dioxide and slowing down global climate change.

  9. Improved Service – Many customers prefer self-service over calling you and waiting on hold. You can securely provide key information to customers electronically, enabling them to inquire on their own when convenient. In fact, providing electronic access to all relevant data not only gives customers more accurate and complete information, but it also makes them happier and more loyal customers.

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