Ontario Safety Forms – OSHA

Wondering how to implement your safety forms throughout your workforce in Ontario?

With SafetyTek all of the OSHA Ontario safety forms are built into our default forms directory and are available to deploy out to your workers in seconds. Are you a general contracting company and looking to deploy a Jobsite Safety Assessment (JSA) or Field Level Risk Assessment (FLHA) than SafetyTek is the platform built for you.

SafetyTek is able to add, deploy, and track forms faster and easier than any other method. Once a JSA or FLHA is deployed your workers all have access to their own instance of the forms where we can easily track submissions and revisions of the forms and pull up statistics within seconds. Picture having the ability to filter through a file cabinet but combing through all the forms in seconds versus hours. This is the power of SafetyTek.

Add extra enforcement steps by enabling our reminders algorithm to monitor your workforce. Do you require a safety form to be completed before 8 am on weekday mornings? Set it and forget it with our reminders, we will check to see if the crew foremen have completed their daily safety submissions and if they haven't we will ping them to complete it. Same for weekly toolbox talks. Do you need a toolbox talk completed by your foremen by Thursday of every week? Simply set up the reminders to weekly by Thursday and we will monitor to ensure that they get completed.

Every part of the SafetyTek platform has been built for ease of use and enforcement. Ensuring that your documentation is completed on time is our number one goal and our feature set enables this to occur with ease. Once you have received your submissions easily access them with the file system or reporting dashboard. Whichever works easier for you.


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