PRESS RELEASE: SafetyTek Offers New COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis Solution for Free to Help Companies Protect Workers’ Health

Through cloud and mobile technology, SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis lets managers and employees collaborate, regardless of where they’re located, in protecting workers against exposure to the virus while keeping the business up and running.

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – March 24, 2020 – Growing numbers of companies have implemented work-at-home policies to protect employees against the COVID-19 virus. However, many organizations need to continue providing essential services—construction, utilities, grocers, pharmacies, and delivery firms to name a few—that require teams of workers to interact with each other or the public. These companies face unprecedented challenges in ensuring that employees and contractors are protected from COVID-19 exposure while maintaining enough staff to meet business demands. To help these companies, SafetyTek Software, a leading environment, health and safety (EHS) platform provider, is making its new SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis solution available for free.

SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis is a cloud-based solution that allows safety, human resources (HR), and other managers to share updates with workers and monitor the COVID-19 status of employees to determine who is available to work at a facility or offsite location and who needs to stay at home. Because managers can use either their computers or mobile devices to access SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis, they can readily make decisions whether at the office, at a worksite, at home, or in quarantine. Meanwhile, the solution lets workers self-report any symptoms of COVID-19 or potential exposure using their mobile phones. By engaging the entire workforce as well as managers, SafetyTek helps companies to create a culture of safety and unify their teams in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We founded SafetyTek to help companies navigate the many hurdles in managing safety programs, toolbox talks, and communications required to maximize workplace safety. Now, we’re seeing businesses face an urgent and unprecedented challenge in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on their workforces,” said SafetyTek Software Founder and CEO Ryan Quiring. “Using our data-driven, cloud-based EHS platform, we’ve been able to rapidly develop our standalone SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis solution, which makes it easy for managers and workers to join forces in protecting people’s health while continuing business operations. We’re also making this solution free because we strongly believe that every company should have access to all the tools available to ensure their team’s health and safety.”

COVID-19 Mitigation Made Simple with SafetyTek

SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis is an easy-to-use solution that safety, HR, and other managers can sign up for and begin using within minutes. With the software, managers can review a COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis Dashboard that shows which workers have completed the Self Assessment form, how many have symptoms or are at risk for COVID-19, and other related metrics. The resulting insights assist in decision-making about how to best protect workers’ health while keeping the business running. Additionally, the solution enables managers to:

  • Upload employee emails to send out group communications efficiently.
  • Send company or government updates about COVID-19 to workers.
  • Provide employees with a simple COVID-19 self-assessment form they can use to self-report their status daily through the platform via their mobile devices.


Notably, SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis is an extension of the cloud-based SafetyTek Workplace Safety Engagement Platform being used by companies across North America—ensuring the scalability, reliability and performance needed to manage businesses’ COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Organizations providing essential services can benefit almost immediately from using the solution. However, other businesses can also take advantage of the solution to efficiently update workers and make informed decisions about adjusting their remote work policies as the COVID-19 situation evolves. 


SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis is a standalone solution that is available today at no cost to users. To sign up for the free solution, visit

About SafetyTek

SafetyTek Software is a leading environment, health and safety (EHS) platform provider. The company was founded in 2014 with a mission of supporting workplace safety by simplifying mandatory processes, enabling positive safety cultures, and reducing the carbon footprint using state-of-the art technology. Today, organizations across North America rely on the data-driven SafetyTek Workplace Safety Engagement Platform to create a safety culture of excellence that keeps the workforce protected and productive at the same time. Using the cloud-based platform, safety, HR and other managers can view the performance and engagement of safety programs throughout any workforce, engage and empower employees, and gain the real-time data insights needed for better decision making. SafetyTek is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. To learn more, visit


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