Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls with Winter Walking Ice Cleats

Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls with Winter Walking Ice Cleats

Slips, trips and falls account for many workplace accidents, especially in the winter. Ice and snow accumulate on sidewalks and in parking lots, hallways get slippery when snow melts off people’s shoes and workplace footwear may not provide enough traction to avoid problems.

While it’s advisable for workers to wear footwear appropriate for the season, sometimes regular work shoes or work boots just can’t cut it when it comes to walking during winter weather conditions. Businesses can use sand to add traction to the ground itself, but they can also select a unique type of winter-weather PPE to add traction directly to shoes or boots.

Winter Walking, a manufacturer of industrial ice cleats and winter traction gear, makes a variety of ice cleats that can be worn over work boots to improve traction. The High-Pro Ice Cleat, which we will take a look at today, features 26 tungsten carbide studs to help grip ice or snow. Its design also allows for easy donning and doffing, which increases the likelihood employees will take the time to use it.

Benefits of a Removable Ice Cleat

First of all, ice cleats provide traction, and for that reason alone they are a good PPE item for your workers who will spend time outdoors this winter. The High-Pro Ice Cleat from Winter Walking is made specifically for these workers who need a strong cleat that works well in both icy and snowy conditions.

These ice cleats also have elasticity in the upper portion of the cleat so they can be easily slipped on and off, making it easy to remove the cleats when workers come back indoors. The soles of the cleats are stiffer, making them more durable. The treads and studs of these cleats are described as “aggressive” because they will dig deeper into the ice and snow to increase traction.

As an added bonus, these cleats are safe for driving, so workers won’t need to remove them if they drive from one outdoor worksite to another. These ice cleats don’t add a lot of bulkiness to shoes either and they’re fairly inconspicuous.

Plenty of Ice Cleat Options

If you still think achieving worker compliance with this type of PPE could be difficult because putting on and removing cleats throughout the workday could bother workers, you might consider using Winter Walking’s Low-Pro Ice Cleat, which has less aggressive studs and treads so it can be worn both outdoors and indoors without damaging smooth surfaces.

This option is ideal for people who switch between indoor and outdoor work throughout the day, as they wouldn’t need to worry about removing ice cleats.

Some models feature studs that flip around for indoor wear. Photo: Winter Walking

On the other hand, if you have workers who need aggressive ice cleats for outdoor work but would prefer not to remove the cleats and carry them indoors, options are available that allow the user to actually flip the studs around so the cleats can be worn indoors without damaging floors.

Select Durable Ice Cleats

Winter Walking designs ice cleats for industrial settings that hold up through daily use in the ice and snow. A product like these, if used by all of your outdoor staff, will likely reduce the incidence of slips, trips and falls in your workplace.

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