Stay Up to Date With Workplace Safety Training the Easy Way

The biggest asset when it comes to staying safe on worksites is not something that’s tangible—it’s the knowledge that’s tucked inside the brains of all workers. You can have all the safety gear you like, all the gadgets, hard hats galore, and even a robust safety management software, but those are all more or less worthless without people who know how to use them.

Training is an essential step in keeping a site safe. From everyday procedures to emergency plans, all those involved knowing what to do and when to do it is what keeps things running smoothly.

The content of the safety training is one thing—there are many different training courses, curriculum, and resources out there, provided by OSHA, by Worksite Safety and by other organizations, both governmental and independent. However, what’s tricky is making sure that everyone is keeping on top of the training and certification requirements, whatever those might be.

It’s harder than it sounds to ensure all employees are up-to-date with any particular safety training program. SafetyTek has a solution.

Employee Training Matrix

Supervisors and safety professionals need to have their fingers on the pulse and know who is prepared to do what jobs. The employee training matrix feature of the SafetyTek makes that possible.

What Does It Do?

Essentially, the training matrix keeps track of which employees have completed which courses and certifications, whether they are up-to-date, and who’s due for refresher training. It is a training dashboard that makes tracking user training simple, quick and smart. And, of course, it eliminates a lot of paperwork and physical filing as well as those Excel spreadsheets.

Long gone are the days of workers forgetting to bring certificates and binders, leading to work stoppages and unforeseen costs. They can simply upload their certificates on their mobile, tablet, or laptop device, which instantly updates their profile for supervisors and company administrators to review—a fantastic asset when in the field.

The matrix also supports in-office use for supervisors to upload and review certificates from their desktop computers or laptops as well as download PDFs and CSV exports. Ultimately, it eliminates wasted time and money.

Where Do I Find It?

To use the Employee training matrix, you will, of course, need to be using SafetyTek’s safety management software. As a supervisor, you simply need to access ‘supervisor’ mode and click ‘Training Matrix’ within your dashboard. Within the matrix, a supervisor can view completion percentages for individual or multiple users, crews and sites.

How Do I Work It?

Creating and Applying for Work Roles

Firstly, you will need to create roles within your division. Head to ‘supervisor’ mode and click on ‘roles’ in the navigation bar. Here you can create roles and certificates lists, where you can configure which roles need which certificates (this calculates a workers completion percentage in the training matrix).

Then, head to ‘users’ in the navigation bar and click on a user profile, you will see a drop-down box labelled ‘work role’, which you can use to apply a role to this user. When this is done, you can follow the next steps to upload a certificate.

Uploading Certificates

As a worker, you can upload certificates under ‘my profile’ in the mobile, tablet and web app. You have the option to enter an image of the certificate, expiry date and certificate name—the more information, the better!

Supervisors can also upload certificates and apply them to workers. Filter your view (user, crew or site) and click on a user’s name in the chart displayed to start uploading their certificates. The ability to download any view in the training matrix as a PDF or CSV Export is great for further use in the field or office.

Where Can I see?

With the right data inputted, the matrix will clearly display the training history of your whole staff and any gaps in their training. Supervisors have an ‘expiring training certificates’ window in their dashboard, so they can quickly view whose certificates have expired or about to expire.

It is also possible for a supervisor to download a training report summary for any employee, which gives an individual overview of where they are at with their safety training. Workers can also access their own individual training certificates through ‘my profile’ in their mobile, tablet and web apps, allowing them to review these certificates for presentation in the work field—or to simply update their own certificates.

Company administrators that manage safety for multiple divisions can access each division’s training matrix through the detailed report function in ‘company’ mode.

Knowledge is Safety—and Efficiency

Knowledge is power, they say—and when we’re talking about knowledge regarding who’s up to date with their training, it is a powerful piece of the safety puzzle. The employee training matrix may seem like one of the most basic features of SafetyTek, but it is also one of the most essential for keeping sites safe.

In a study that looked at the benefits of implementing British Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS 18001, the certification was proven to reduce accident rates and improve labor productivity. Another study conducted in Bangladesh quantified the costs and benefits of occupational health and safety interventions at a shipbuilding company and found that previously-high injury statistics dropped to almost zero, while efficiency increased—certification proved to be a competitive edge.

However you look at it, safety training and certification are vital not only to the wellbeing of everyone on a worksite but to the bottom line of a company. But because it’s not directly related to the progress of most projects, it’s easy for it to fall by the wayside. The employee training matrix brings the details of who’s been trained for what into focus and puts that information right at the fingertips of any supervisor—making it much easier to keep on top of things.

Having accurate information about safety certification makes it much easier to ensure that it gets done. This and other features of SafetyTek are designed to facilitate safety on any site, taking care of the details, paperwork jams, and menial admin tasks. With those gone, it’s a smooth road to a safe work environment!

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