How do you keep your workplace safe with COVID-19 on the loose?

Safetytek’s goal has always been to keep people safe. Be it on site or an office, we want our workers to go back home safe and healthy everyday.

As we constantly hear breaking news about COVID-19 developing and affecting our communities, the need and responsibility is now more critical than ever to keep our workplaces and workforces safe.

The SafetyTek platform leverages technology break-throughs to help you keep your workforces safe.

You can make decisions whether you are at the office, at home, or in quarantine. While it can be difficult to keep your workforce informed about changes coming from government or management, the SafetyTek platform enables you to send real-time updates to your staff about COVID-19, ensuring everyone is up to speed with the latest information. If some of your workers have not read the information, the platform will let you know so you can take additional measures to inform them.

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