We Have Always Done It That Way

Fear of change has always been a hurdle whenever something new is introduced. People and companies like things the way they are, change is scary. However, what if that change could bring positivity? What if we focus on the positive for a change. What if change meant easier, efficient and cost-saving? Let's take a look at some examples:

  • Your PVR. Remember when you would have to know what time a show was on to make it to your TV to watch it? Neither do I. Since the PVR was released I could choose when to watch the shows that I like without scheduling it into my week. I have free time on a Saturday morning... I can watch one of my shows and free up my evenings to spend with family and friends.
  • Your smartphone. How available were you before you started carrying a cell phone around with you? Let alone a smartphone. Remember having to call your friends and pick a meeting place at a certain time and just trusting that they will be there? We carry our smartphones around and we are available on so many different networks. Text message, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and of course people could always phone you on it. The world has never been more connected than it is now.
  • iTunes, where were we before iTunes? Get in our car and drive down to a music retailer, pick a CD or maybe a couple to make the trip worthwhile. The newly purchased CD usually would go into a CD book that slides around your car taking up space. CD's have a great tendency to get scratched and lost. Now with iTunes, we can access millions of songs, organize them, have them available whenever and wherever we want instantly.
  • Netflix, no longer are the days where we had to go to Blockbuster to rent the movie we want, hoping that it would be there so you could get 1 of the 25 copies available. Since Netflix and streaming services, they have completely eliminated the need for such a time waste. Now we can browse thousands of movies right from our living room. No more bulky movie collections, taking up space, just nicely organized digital files.

No matter what industry you are dealing with when we look back at some technological advancement that changed how we now complete simple tasks, it's scary to think how archaic those tasks once were and how much time we spent on those practices that we once thought were the best way.

Here at SafetyTek, this is exactly what we are trying to do with safety management. We want to bring the construction safety process into the digital world and leave the archaic processes in the past. Let's harness the technology that we use on a regular basis to make our work lives easier. Most things are geared to making our personal lives easier, so why not the other way around? Too many companies are stuck filling out stacks of paperwork every day, not knowing if their workers have filled it out. They get paperwork back damaged and dirty or have to search through boxes to just find a form they need to reference. It's something of the past that needs a solution.

With SafetyTek, we can eliminate paperwork, organize all files and forms, and all users have access to their forms wherever and whenever they need them, instantly. With many more reasons to change, SafetyTek is working on leading the way to revolutionize safety management.

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