How to Measure and Track Key Safety Metrics

Every safety professional knows the importance of measuring and tracking their organization’s safety performance. Not only does it help stay on top of regulatory compliance but it also helps make better-informed decisions about their safety programs and outcomes. 

Lagging indicators like DART and TRIR are a good place to start but you should not forget about the leading indicators that your workforce does every day to prevent incidents from occurring. With technology making all sorts of data easily obtainable, figuring out what metrics or KPIs that are most significant to track can seem daunting.   

In this webinar learn all about the 8 key safety metrics you should track every month, and how to easily collect data and report on your safety performance with the SafetyTek platform.  

Presenter Bio

   Willliam Fox, Assistant Product Manager, SafetyTek 

Will is a product manager at SafetyTek who has helped numerous clients digitally transform their safety programs. Over the years he has seen first hand the tools and best practices that successfully shape an organization’s safety performance.

Webinar: Making AI-Assisted Safety a Reality

Today artificial intelligence (AI) technology assists many professionals on a day-to-day basis. From movie rentals to hailing a taxi, we can see how predictive AI can make dramatic impacts on specialized or niche tasks.

Health and safety professionals have been leveraging many tools to predict where an incident may occur and prevent these incidents from ever happening. However,  besides the setup, the difficulty with most systems is maintaining them. A continuous effort needs to go into keeping information up to date which leads to more administrative burdens. This burden is the primary reason these systems either never get set up or aren’t used as long-term solutions. 

Find out in this webinar how you can make AI-Assisted safety work for you. 

We cover

  • Why setting up a digital field-level data acquisition project is important  
  • How mobile apps can be a game-changer 
  • Multifaceted uses of the data you collect 
  • How safety professionals can focus attention on high-value tasks

Presenter By

  Ryan Quiring, CEO and Co-Founder, SafetyTek

Ryan brings more than a decade of experience as a senior automation consultant and functional safety engineer working on massive capital projects globally in the scope of process automation. He co-founded SafetyTek in 2014 to help safety professionals digitally transform and keep their workforce safe and productive.

Webinar: Safety is not just paperwork

Today “going digital” is the norm. Businesses replace paper with digital systems not only to save time and money but also to streamline and optimize processes.  However, Digitizing safety needs to be much more than just replacing physical pieces of paper.

Too often, safety professionals assume scanning documents, using spreadsheets and email, or simple form submissions systems are enough to manage their safety programs and meet regulations efficiently. As time goes by and companies scale up, they realize that the problem is not just in the paperwork, digital or otherwise, but in the administrative processes and not having the right data at the right time. Real-time data helps companies proactively identify and mitigate risks rather than relying on manually-driven safety processes that only track lagging indicators.

Find out in this webinar the roots of safety issues and 12 critical ways that our clients are using data to solve the persistent problem of keeping worksites and workers safe.

Presenter By

Ryan Quiring, CEO and Founder, Safety Tek

Passionate about solving one of the largest problems that still exists today - workplace safety, Ryan co-founded SafetyTek in 2014 to help safety professionals digitally transform and keep their workforce safe and productive.

Webinar: Returning to Work Safely During COVID-19

The current state of the world is unprecedented. Organizations must take significant steps to prepare workers for re-entry into the workforce during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In this webinar we discuss

  • The 12 key considerations or critical actions to take when planning to get back to worksites

  • How to take appropriate measures to reduce the risk for your workers

  • How layering risk reduction methods on top of one another can protect you when a safe guard fails.

We also talk about how SafetyTek can help alleviate the administrative burden of getting new processes up and running through our free COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis Solution.

Webinar: Amplify Toolbox Talks and Avoid Drowning in Paperwork

Toolbox talks are one of the best ways to educate your workforce about known hazards that they come across on a daily basis. The burden of tracking whether or not your workers have read the content, unfortunately piles on top of the safety professionals already full plate of work to do, so the frequency of these talks is usually limited to one per month.

In this webinar we talk about how you can:

  • Increase the frequency of your toolbox talks, setting a safety first mentality at your workplace

  • Drastically reduce the effort of publishing and tracking toolbox talks

  • Get your workforce engaged in a positive safety culture.