Webinar: 4 Ways to Extend Your Use of the SafetyTek COVID-19 Solution

The SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis solution has helped many companies protect their worker’s health since its launch in late March this year. The solution includes a free self-assessment form and dashboard, where safety and other managers can easily monitor the COVID-19 status of employees, and share updates and group communications efficiently. Today it continues to be an important tool as companies plan out returning to work procedures and updating policies according to new government regulations.

Find out in this webinar 4 key ways you can extend your use of the SafetyTek platform beyond the Free COVID-19 solution.

Craig Fraser, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at SafetyTek, will show how you can

  • Edit the COVID-19 form to fit your company’s requirements

  • Use scenario analysis to determine who has been in contact with an employee should they contract COVID-19

  • Set reminders and how to ensure the form is completed on time

  • Arrange your company into groups using Divisions.

Presenter By


Craig Fraser, Co-Founder and CXO

Prior to co-founding SafetyTek in 2014, Craig first spent over 12 years in the construction industry and then transitioned into a full time safety professional. Always conscious about safety in the workplace, he’s passionate about uncovering ways to dramatically improve the way safety is managed by bringing data to the forefront.