Webinar: How Daily Toolbox Talks Decrease Workplace Incidents

September 9, 2021 | 09:00 PT

The key question on every safety manager's mind is, how do I engage more workers in safety and create a safe workplace without overworking myself? Quick toolbox talks are a great way to refresh workers’ knowledge on safety and are highly effective in preventing workplace incidents. 

Daily toolbox talks not only keep safety top of mind but also helps to stay compliant with OSHA and OHS regulations. Businesses are able to save thousands of dollars by reducing injury claims and safety violations. 

Engaging workers in regular toolbox talks helps teams develop a positive attitude towards health and safety too. 

In this webinar, you'll learn;

  • Why Toolbox Talks are a vital part of a strong safety culture
  • What the difference between monthly, weekly, and daily toolbox talks looks like
  • The benefits of broad safety topics vs specific ones
  • How SafetyTek Toolbox Talks can elevate your safety program



Presented by

Ryan Quiring, CEO & Founder, SafetyTek

Passionate about solving one of the largest problems that still exist today - workplace safety, Ryan co-founded SafetyTek in 2014 to help safety professionals digitally transform and keep their workforce safe and productive.

Zee Wasti, Product Manager, SafetyTek

With over 6 years of experience as a Product Manager, Zee has helped many teams successfully execute projects from ideation to launch. An entrepreneur at heart, he's worked in a variety of different industries including being a music producer.