Webinar: How to Measure and Track Key Safety Metrics

Every safety professional knows the importance of measuring and tracking their organization’s safety performance. Not only does it help stay on top of regulatory compliance but it also helps make better-informed decisions about their safety programs and outcomes. 

Lagging indicators like DART and TRIR are a good place to start but you should not forget about the leading indicators that your workforce does every day to prevent incidents from occurring. With technology making all sorts of data easily obtainable, figuring out what metrics or KPIs that are most significant to track can seem daunting.   

In this webinar learn all about the 8 key safety metrics you should track every month, and how to easily collect data and report on your safety performance with the SafetyTek platform.  

Presenter Bio

   William Fox, Assistant Product Manager, SafetyTek 

Will is a product manager at SafetyTek who has helped numerous clients digitally transform their safety programs. Over the years he has seen first hand the tools and best practices that successfully shape an organization’s safety performance.