Webinar: Safety is Not Just Paperwork

Today “going digital” is the norm. Businesses replace paper with digital systems not only to save time and money but also to streamline and optimize processes.  However, Digitizing safety needs to be much more than just replacing physical pieces of paper.

Too often, safety professionals assume scanning documents, using spreadsheets and email, or simple form submissions systems are enough to manage their safety programs and meet regulations efficiently. As time goes by and companies scale up, they realize that the problem is not just in the paperwork, digital or otherwise, but in the administrative processes and not having the right data at the right time. Real-time data helps companies proactively identify and mitigate risks rather than relying on manually-driven safety processes that only track lagging indicators.

Find out in this webinar the roots of safety issues and 12 critical ways that our clients are using data to solve the persistent problem of keeping worksites and workers safe.

Presenter By

Ryan Quiring, CEO and Founder, Safety Tek

Passionate about solving one of the largest problems that still exists today - workplace safety, Ryan co-founded SafetyTek in 2014 to help safety professionals digitally transform and keep their workforce safe and productive.