West Pointe Building Services Selects SafetyTek, Over Three Others

SafetyTek is pleased to announce that West Pointe Building Services has selected SafetyTek to transition from traditional paper methods to an online safety solution. With a workforce growing from 41 workers last year to over 170 workers this year, West Pointe Building Services requires the best way to manage their safety at a corporate level. This rapid growth has exposed the inefficiencies of paper-based systems and helped them identify the need for innovation. With strong commitments to their safety program, SafetyTek will bring West Pointe Building Services safety system into the online world by giving all workers access to safety from their phones, tablets, and computers. 

Craig Fraser, co-founder of SafetyTek says of the partnership, “I myself was a safety officer for a roofing company and know first hand the increased risks faced by people in this industry. It was apparent after our initial conversations that West Pointe Building Services has a high commitment to the health and safety of their workforce at a corporate level. We are excited to partner with them to bring greater efficiency and engagement as they continue to grow."

About SafetyTek Software

SafetyTek Software is the world’s first comprehensive safety management software platform that delivers accountable real-time safety performance by collecting field-level data from the workers on-site in the form of hazard assessments, toolbox talks, fall protection plans, etc, and feeding that data directly to dashboards for tracking. The platform then produces the reports necessary for company leaders to make data-backed decisions on safety. Once fully implemented SafetyTek has measured an 85% decrease in incidents occurring at the workplace after a single year of use. 

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