Calculating the ROI of Safety Software

In 2018, workplace injuries in North America cost companies a combined $365 billion according to the National Safety Council.

However, tracking incidents, managing reports, and improving workplace safety is as tedious as it is time-consuming, and many risk-reducing measures are never implemented.

In addition, most businesses view safety as just another cost center.

In this whitepaper, we will analyse the real cost of accidents, the impact safety management software can have, and how SafetyTek can help keep your workers safe as well as increase your bottom line giving you a higher ROI.

Try our ROI Calculator to see how much you can save with SafetyTek. 

Steps to Creating a Strong Safety Culture

Keeping everyone safe in any workplace is more than just rules and regulations. A culture of safety to which each and every worker and manager contributes is the path to excellent safety outcomes.

In this whitepaper we start with how to measure the strength of your safety culture, and then take you through the eight critical steps you can take today to ensure a safety culture of excellence.

Understanding Security Measures of the SafetyTek Platform

SafetyTek realizes that helping to protect our customer’s data, ensure proper security regulations, and mitigate any potential risk is essential to building trust and delivering a high-level of service.

SafetyTek takes a risk based approach to security and this paper will detail the many different measures and technologies in place to protect our customers.