Why COR Certification is Important

COR certification can be a huge asset to any construction company. Attaining a COR certification is not even overly hard, but the upside proves to be very beneficial to your company.

First off, COR can open the door to bid on more jobs. Jobs you may not have been able to bid on before, larger contracts that will give you more work, more works means more money.  In today's industry, some of the top construction companies will not even allow a company to bid on a project if they are not COR certified. Why is that? Mainly, 1 large company looking at building a large scale project isn't going to want companies that are a liability, especially not a safety liability. The effects of just one incident on a site could be terrible news financially, socially and economically. Knowing that a company is willing to go through the schooling to meet the industry's established standards in safety can be the difference between getting jobs or not.

Secondly, there are even benefits to the company. There are incentives through WCB Partnerships in Injury Reduction, which can be a lot of money at the end of the year.

Lastly, it is proven to greatly reduce injuries and the financial burden that goes with that, which helps companies use their finances more strategically.

COR certification can be an asset if you let it. It's a good way to establish your company in the industry that proves you care about safety in all aspects of your business.

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