Worker Killed by Falling Object at Scarborough Construction Site

This incident occurred recently and is still under investigation by the Ontario Ministry. An excavator bucket fell during a move at a construction site and killed a GFL employee who happened to be loading some concrete blocks into his vehicle.

Think about that for a second. A 31 year old person was performing routine tasks in Scarborough, just like he had the past week/month. No change to his behaviour at all. Then, because of of an unsafe act this man's life is brought to an end. 

I'm going to speculate here as to the issue because the root cause has not been identified yet, but had the excavator bucket been properly inspected by an appropriate operator it would likely have come to light that it was unfit for service, or it was connected incorrectly and needed to be adjusted, or maybe it was overdue for maintenance and it just had to complete this one last task.

Does any of that sound familiar? "Oh, I'll just do this one time and then I'll get it all fixed up.

The unfortunate part of these scenarios is that the risk is so high. When evaluating the risk profile, it is classified as a low frequency high consequence event. Yes, this doesn't happen to everybody. This thankfully doesn't happen in a lot of workers careers because its so low frequency. But, when it does happen it has fatal consequences. Complacency in these situations could kill us or our co-workers.

Now, SafetyTek helps break the pattern of complacency by removing barriers for field workers to perform safety tasks.

If a problem is discovered in the field the worker can quickly assign an action item to their superior to remedy the issue. Office management is able to then monitor the performance of their safety program by viewing the supervisor dashboard.

Setup reminders within the platform to ensure forms are being completed on time, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Our smart algorithm only send reminders if the forms have not been submitted so compliant workers don't get nagged by the system. We then track how many reminders workers receive in order to hold them accountable.

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December 17, 2018

A man in his 20's was killed in a workplace accident in Scarborough Monday afternoon, paramedics say.

Emergency services responded to a call just before 3 p.m. at a construction site near the intersection of Kennedy Rd. and Passmore Ave., south of Kennedy and Steeles Ave. E.

Paramedics found the victim, whom they said had been hit by a falling object, without vital signs. He died at the scene.

Toronto police said the Ministry of Labour is investigating.

Here is the original article.

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